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Out on Bond.

Dear Attorney Castro,

I came to your office in tears because my husband was arrested and then detained by ICE because of a fight that we had. I thought for sure he was going to be deported to Mexico. You assured me that he will have his day in court and that you would fight to get him out of detention. True to your word, you fought for him in court and convinced the judge to let him out on bond for just $1,500.00. I really thought we would have to pay more, so it was a blessing that you were able to get such a low bond. Throughout the whole process you were always kind and assuring! Thank you.

C.M., Las Vegas, NV


Low Bond.

Dear Mr. Castro,

From the bottom of my heart, I wanna say thank you for getting me out on bond for $2,000. Thank you for seeing me in the Pahrump Detention Center two days after my family contacted you. I was truly expecting to pay more money to get out on bond because of the bench warrant out on me. I knew I should’ve taken care of my traffic warrants years ago, but life happens. But since you got me out on bond, I’ve fixed all my warrants, and I really hope you can represent me in my deportation case. I would definitely recommend you to anyone with immigration problems. Thank you again cus me and my family really appreciate it.

H.R., Las Vegas, NV


Green Card in the mail.

Dear Mr. Castro,

I am happy to let you know that my wife's green card arrived in the mail today! Thank you for coming to the interview with us at USCIS. Because of all your knowledge and assistance, our marriage interview was a success. There were no questions that we didn't expect or was unprepared for, and we have you to thank for it.

I.A., Las Vegas, NV


Already a citizen?


Thank you for all your help! When I first met you and you explained that I might already be a citizen because of my age and when my parents became US citizens, I really doubted you. I met with two other attorneys before you and both of them told me that I had to apply for citizenship, so I wasn't sure who to believe. After you explained to me the law, I took the chance on you because of the way that you took the time to explain the law to me. Unlike the two other attorneys I spoke to before you, who couldn't wait to quote me on price, you actually took time to ask me about my situation. Just like you said, I already am a US citizen and now I have my Certificate of Citizenship to prove it.

V.M., Las Vegas, NV


Priceless Information.


I want to thank you for answering my questions about applying for citizenship. Even though I was unable to hire you because honestly I just can't afford to hire anyone due to my financial circumstances, I appreciate you answering my questions on the phone. Every other lawyers office I called didn't even want to give me any answers to my basic questions. Honestly, free consults from other offices weren't really free because they didn't want to answer anything unless I hired them. You were the only one that actually listened and compassionate enough to answer my questions. I want to let you know that with your help I was able to submit my application for citizenship with confidence. I will refer you to all my friends and family, and trust me there are a lot because Filipino families are big. Maraming Salamat!


Stolen Identity.

Mr. Castro,

I want to thank you because I got my US passport in the mail today. It was a stressful time when I came in to your office. My house was just robbed and a lot of my valuables were stolen even my passport. I tried to get a passport myself but I couldn't prove that I was a US Citizen. For most people, this might have an easy fix, but everywhere I went the government wanted proof of citizenship. A certificate of naturalization to apply for a new passport which I didn't have because my parents never got me one. But to get that certificate, I needed my passport, which was stolen. I was going in circles and never getting anywhere. Thank god that you were able to help me do a file search with the government so I could get a new passport. Now I can travel to Venice like I told you I was going to once I get my passport. Ciao from Venice!

S.S., Las Vegas, NV


Forever Green Card?

Mr. Castro,

Thank you for answering my questions about my green card that had no expiration date. I was really stressed when I found out that my green card which had no expiration date might be expired. I appreciate you explaining that I am still a green card holder even though my green card is outdated or expired. You’ve put my mind at ease! I appreciate your help in renewing my green card and helping me apply for citizenship.