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J. Castro Law Group, PLLC


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An Immigration Law Firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada dedicated to helping families stay together, and in many cases reuniting immigrants with their loved ones after years of separation.

The J.Castro Law Group PLLC is an immigration first law firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It is our belief that Immigrants help build and strengthen the United States, helping the U.S. remain as a world leader by fueling our economy, adding diversity, providing new ideas, and enriching our diverse American culture.  

However, for many immigrants, the road to becoming a green card holder and eventually becoming a U.S. Citizen can be long, complicated, and difficult.  For some immigrants, their cases may have been made more complicated by their immigration history, whether they entered the U.S. illegally, overstayed their visa, made a misrepresentation to an immigration officer, or ran into trouble with the law.  In these cases, they may find themselves out of legal status, or at worse facing deportation by the government.

However, there is hope, and an experienced immigration attorney can help and guide you to see if you qualify for any relief so you can obtain legal status in the U.S. or stop deportation.  To do so, we provide the following services to our clients: deportation defense, filing for green cards, filing for cancellation of removal when eligible, filing for asylum when eligible, family petitions, and many more.

We offer affordable, compassionate, and high quality legal services.  Please call or email us for a free consultation, and let our lawyers help you.




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We offer the following Services at an affordable price: Deportation Defense In Immigration Court, Motion for Release on Bond, Naturalization and Citizenship, Appeals of Immigration Judge and USCIS decisions, Consular Processing, Waivers, Family-Based Petitions for Green Cards, Spouse and Fiancée visas, Asylum, Immigration Custody and Bonds, Waivers of Inadmissibility, Cancellation of Removal, U Visas, DACA, and Temporary Protected Status.